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Race Day Tips
  1. Place your car on blocks or stands, instead of parking it on the wheels to avoid developing flat spots.

  2. Check your wheels often to make sure the bearings are clean.  Clean and lubricate your spindles.

  3. Never lay your wheels on the ground since dirt will get into your wheel bearings and damage them. 

  4. Pick up your car by lifting at the floorboard, not the axles.  Set the car down gently; don't jolt your precisely aligned axles!

  5. When placing your car in the ramp, make sure it is lined up in the direction you want it to go. 

  6. Bring something to cover your car in case it rains.

  7. Bring basic tools for tuning your car and changing brake pads.

  8. Bring lighter fluid for lubricating the wheels.

  9. Bring rags for wiping down the car.

  10. Bring hand wipes. (You’ll be glad you did.)

  11. Bring sunscreen.

  12. Be prepared for all kinds of weather.  It tends to be very windy at the track and there is no shade unless you bring a pop-up tent.

  13. Bring lawn chairs.

  14. Bring money for the concession stand.    

  15. If you need help, advice or tools, just ask.   Soap box derby families are the best.  We want to make your time at the race enjoyable. 

  16. Have FUN!

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