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Getting Started



Contact the KCSBD Derby Director (see Contact Us page) to inform him of your interest and to get on the mailing list. Determine which type of car would be best for you. See the Soap Box Derby Divisions section below to find a description of the cars. We would be glad to give you advice on this, and we also have cars from each division which you can try out. Then you will need to purchase a car kit. New cars can be purchased from the All-American Soap Box Derby. 


Usually kits arrive in about 2 weeks if ordered by phone with a credit card.


Used cars are sometimes available through KCSBD. Contact the Derby Director for details.


Keep in mind that Stock and Super Stock cars can usually be resold once you are finished racing them.


Plan to attend the construction clinics and driving clinics to learn valuable tips on making a competitive car.


There are 3 divisions of Soap Box Derby cars: Stock, Super Stock, and Masters. The cars must be built according to specifications established by the All-American Soap Box Derby for the current racing season. All of the parts, including wheels, hardware, floorboard, body shell and helmet are ordered from the All-American Soap Box Derby office in Akron, Ohio.


Stock Division: 


For ages 7-13 for All-American sanctioned races, and 7-14 for NDR sanctioned races. Best fits kids under 5'5"and 105 pounds. Can be assembled in 4-6 hours. Stock cars cannot be painted, however they can be decorated with markers or stickers.

Super Stock Division: 


For ages 9-18 for All-American sanctioned races, and 7-21 for NDR sanctioned races. Best fits kids under 5'10" and 150 pounds. Can be assembled in 4-6 hours. Can be painted. 

Masters Division: 


For ages 10-18 for All-American sanctioned races, and 10-21 for NDR sanctioned races. Best fits kids under 6' and 160 pounds. New rules make this a much easier car to build.

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